In Friendswood with Family

Spent from our century ride we were exhausted mentally and physically, my Uncle Craig, Aunt Susan, and Sophie (the pup) met us at the door. The four of us met my cousin Kyle for an outstanding offering of Tex-Mex. Huge plates, good drinks, and far too long since we have last seen each other made for a great night out and great conversation.

Texas Hoods come in two varieties: Dallas & Houston (technically Frisco & Friendswood). Being in Houston and not inclined to ride several days north to Dallas we would not be able to see everyone. My other cousin and his family drove south to meet us! Michael & Liza with children in tow arrived mid-morning. Keen on seeing the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center the Dallas folk headed out for a day of science and space while we drove east to Galveston to see big ships, historic houses, & an island full of life.

A day spent in Galveston.

We all converged at a tap room which featured too much good food coupled with too many Texas beers. Both problems we would gladly ‘deal with’. 🙂

Family @ Gordon Street  Tarvern
Family @ Gordon Street Tarvern

Being a Jersey native and long time Texas transplant, Craig knows the struggle of being away from your locale for an extended time. Over an email exchange we determined that proper Jewish/New York style bagels are one the hardest food items to obtain outside of the Northeast. Fate would see to it that 30+ years ago a Jerseyan moved to Friendswood and brought with him the art of bagels. Our other request was BBQ done in the most Texan way possible.

Killen's Barbecue
Killen’s Barbecue

Having access to an engine powered vehicle…Hooray!!! Craig, Amanda, & I drove to downtown Houston to stretch our legs, see the city, and well…drink beer. Walking around the city we got the insider scoop on much of the development, revival, and prior construction of the city. Atop the Chase Tower we gained a different perspective seeing the enormity of the city from a bird’s view.  Thirsty the three of us drove to St. Arnold’s Brewery, the oldest craft brewery in Texas.

Downtown Houston & St. Arnold’s Brewery.

The next few days consisted of relaxing walks, preparing bulk trail mix, eating Kolaches, playing with Sophie and enjoying the company of distant family. We were grateful for the food, comfort, and company only family could provide. Unfortunately due to distance I have not had the opportunity to visit these relatives before and am grateful they opened their doors to us on this bicycle powered adventure.

Goodbye Friendswood Family!

Because the above wasn’t enough Uncle Craig offered to drive us past The Loop. Bikes loaded in the truck with far too much gear, as always, we swiftly put miles behind us as the truck smoothly cruised 70mph. Craig took us much further than we anticipated dropping us off in Columbus, putting us ahead of schedule for Austin.

From Friendswood to Columbus in record time!

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