Escapee’s RV Club – Livingston, TX

Awakened by the lashing of a thousand greyhound kisses we were relieved to wake up under the cover of an actual roof rather than a tent which needed drying and packing up. Dave & Jane were up shortly after and while we all caught up since the last we saw each other, Dave put on the master-chef hat and whipped up stuffed french toast!

Dave's famous stuffed french toast.
Dave’s famous stuffed french toast.

Being the vagabond bicycle tourers in the RV campground was an attraction unto itself. We amused the campers with our badly needed maintenance routine fielding a barrage of odd glances and “where did you start” questions. The chains despite being relatively new were treated to a thorough cleaning and lube with our new favorite T9 Boeshield. My perpetual flat tire was inspected a dozen times by several sets of eyes looking for a cause to the punctures and finding nothing. Although no tube puncturing perpetrator was discovered an overly enthusiastic inspection revealed an incredible amount of dry-rot. A dozen emails to Schwalbe, Amazon, and the seller solved the mysterious dry-rot question. Although no one will accept any responsibility the tire had sat in a warehouse for several years before being sold as “NEW”. Schwalbe confirmed this using the production code and offered to ship a replacement.

Bad tire
Bad tire

Dave frustrated with my dilemma offered to purchase a complete set of tires and tubes, hoping to never hear about a flat again he placed an order on Amazon for two Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tours (Update 6/26/16 still no flats on either of my tires!) Thank you a million and ten times!

Tire drama finally put to rest the tent was the next of the gear that needed attention. Far too many nights spent in the humid southeast had our tent smelling musty along with some staining from what could only be mildew. Mostly diligent about drying the tent out each morning we could no longer bear the smell and ordered McNett’s Mirazole. Skilled in the art of making black water it took no less than three rinses and a wash with Mirazole to clean the too dirty, much loved tent.

By the time I had attended to all the gear needs Dave had finished smoking diner. We need to travel with these two more often. They eat like kings!!

Working the smoker.
Working the smoker.

We woke up to the same dog tongue powered alarm clock; with chores completed yesterday today was spent relaxing and living the life of full-timers.

  • Eat fancy breakfast that we never can pull off on bicycle.
  • Walk the greyhounds and get yelled by cranky co-campers.
  • Ride the bikes through the “neighborhood” to stir up the local unleashed dogs.
  • Relax to Pandora with a cocktail/beer/wine in hand.
  • Compare which style of motor-home/RV is better. (We like the hobo looking van)
  • Watch the sunset
  • Popcorn time with the greyhounds
  • Sleep.
Popcorn time!!

Awake before the dog tongues. We WIN! A favorite activity of ours is to make fun of each other and others quirky personalities. The target this morning was everyone on facebook, Kristi shared a post about potential mate qualities…we recreated the photo for everyone’s enjoyment.

Strike a pose.
Strike a pose.

Being surrounded by too much luxury makes us stir crazy, thus we rode to the “big town” for some external excitement. Livingston was a little less lively than we expected, to make matters worse we couldn’t find our latest addiction: Banana Nut Fudge Ice Cream.

Keen on trying out the induction stove Amanda offered to make dinner. As always it turned out great, but I have to be mindful of letting her become accustom to more than one burner. 🙂

Amanda spoiled with two induction burners
Amanda spoiled with two induction burners

Voting day! Registered Texans Dave & Jane did the democratic duty of pressing a button for a celebrity to win the world’s popularity contest. (Read: voted in the primary election.) We joined the Escapees Clubhouse lunch. Score! Pulled pork & key lime pie!

Jane’s birthday was quickly approaching so Dave planned a surprise and requested some company. Preston (their oldest son) was flying into Houston and Dave was planning on picking him up. Jane was left with the reasoning that I needed to run some errands and we headed south to the airport.

A few hours later Jane was beaming with excitement from Preston’s surprise visit we all ate cake while chatting before bed.

Preston joins the party!

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