Foreshadowing on Bainbridge Island, WA

Leaving from the nomadic hospice of Lonnie’s Snack Shak we rode along the twisted coastline eastward as we rode it became clear that we had underestimated the hills and would not be making it at a reasonable time.  Enter mass transit…the process of loading and unloading is a chore but put us back on time to arrive at Solace Farm, to our hosts Trent and Rasham. Solace Farm; a possible glimpse into our future?

Leaving Lonnies’ Snack Shack we caught the bus to Sequim to make up for a bit of time lost saying goodbye in Sequim we caught up with the Olympic Discovery Trail for a car free ride on the moss covered asphalt.  The bike path continued for a bit eventually dumping us onto US-101 where we rode among the company of hundreds of cars.

The magical mossy carpet ride of the Olympic Discovery Trail bike path.
Sights along the 101: Minions, chainsaw spirits, and privileged tribal elders.

Hugging the coast US-101 winds for miles and miles climbing dozens of micro hills on what would appear to be a flat landscape. Taking only a few breaks, one at a farm market and one for a burger, we found ourselves in a time crunch and needing an alternative if we were to stay on schedule. Google Maps Transit to the rescue. An out of the way bus stop up a nasty, dangerous road would take us to Poulsbo and put us back within the timeframe we originally sent to Rasham and Trent.

(Typically we are more flexible having setup camp at nearly midnight, but our gracious hosts are blessed with a two-week old and we were trying to be timely.)

Bus to bike we finally arrived in Bainbridge Island and joined the mass of commuting cyclists. A quick ride and we arrived at a creative sign calling for food scraps and expired foods to be donated to a composting and hog feeding homestead. Distracted and curious we followed the sign directly to Trent and Rasham’s homestead!

Not knowing where we were going but ending in the correct place was a surreal experience. Trent popped over a massive squash plot and greeted us with a massive smile. Rasham was caring for their newborn and let Trent take us on a tour of their progres. Two years of labor and love poured into what was a derelict orchard resulted in a bountiful farm complete with chickens, turkeys, goats, guinea and standard hogs, a veggie plot and productive greenhouses that rivaled more established operations. Everything was growing, and producing under the watchful no spray care of Trent, Rasham, and their friend Phil. WOW!!!

A flurry of activity on the Solace Farm Homestead

Former cycle tourers now homestead/farmers Trent and Rasham where a wealth of information for both our current adventure but also for our future aspirations. The conversation carried on well past traditional dinner time, eventually we teamed up while Rasham looked after the little one and made a quick dinner.

The lateness of the hour saw us to our camp spot. We setup the tent with the assistance of a territorial cat who climbed and torn a dozen holes into the mesh of our tent.

Having access to essentially unlimited eggs, goat milk, and bacon makes for a splendid morning. Thank you Trent and Rasham for not only a place to stay but for a glimpse into what is possible on a bit of land and with a bit of hard work. Living a life free is attainable and sustainable!

Us & the Gibbons at Solace Farm
Us & the Gibbons at Solace Farm


  1. That’s pretty cool! Cute baby! I wanted to see you two holding the baby. LOL. It’s nice how people welcome you two in all the time. That cat better not have destroyed our creation Chris!

  2. Cannot wait to hear where ya’ll might end up and what you’ll forge from this free life! Glad you see these posts showing you well. <3

    1. We are grateful for this opportunity to explore & meet all the beautiful people of the U.S. & parts of Canada. We have so many ideas arising from this experience! Thanks for following!

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