We arrived by Ferry from Bainbridge Island into the bustling downtown Seattle. We spent several days biking around city exploring the various neighborhoods as well as eating and drinking our way through the iconic Seattle food scene. Being SeaFair weekend Derek and Ethan took us sailing around the Puget Sound as well as to Lake Washington for the festivities. Another weekend spent with family creating memories that we treasure.

Biking the few miles to the free commuter ferry from our farmstay in Bainbridge Island we enjoyed the company of fellow tourers and cycle commuters alike.  The ferry offered amazing views of the city as we approached the classic Seattle skyline.

Seattle Skyline from the Ferry

Plagued with a defective mattress pad and water bladder we biked south first to the industrial neighborhood past the Port of Seattle and endless lines of tractor trailers to Cascade Designs. Greeted by smiling faces our stop at was quick and enjoyable. Lightening my bourden of a pad that would deflate at warmer temps. Customer service top notch and one of our favorite companies!!

The Port of Seattle and its resulting traffic
The Port of Seattle and its resulting traffic

Zipping along in and out of the groups of cyclists along the Elliott Bay Trail we finally arrived at the marina and our crash pad for the next few days.

Elliott Bay Trail
Elliott Bay Marina

Derek arrived home after us after relaxing for a while we all went out for Pho with Chie, Derek’s friend. An enormous bowl of noodles, meat and broth later we were stuffed. Chie went home and we all walked to The Cuff to meet Chris Ayers; Megan, Chris’s girlfriend; and Ethan, Derek’s partner for drinks and Karaoke. After swapping stories and enjoying Ethan serenading us we all head home.


Leaving us to entertain ourselves with unloaded bike and a long list of tourist and local stops alike we set off to see as much of downtown Seattle as possible. Starting at the waterfront, specifically Pike Place. A maze of a dozen buildings connected by long corridors of vendors, buskers, hustlers, and fishmongers we got lost and unlost several times.

Pike’s Place Market
Famous Fishmongers
Buskers and Street Artists
The Gum Wall at Post Alley

Away from the chaos and excitement of Pike’s Place we took a self-guided tour of the Seattle coffee and beer scene. Pegasus, Starbucks Reserve, and Pine Box Bar were on the list.

Pacific Northwest = Coffee!

Flying back down to the waterfront we remembered we forgot to catch an up close glimpse of the Space Needle, back up the hill we rode grinding gears as we fought gravity. The sun was setting allowing for some fantastic photos of the illuminated lights

Space Needle Park

When offers arise we are hard pressed to say no. So the offer to join Ethan and Derek and his coworker Mau sailing around Puget Sound was a quick and easy decision. The boat was prepped and our belongings secured below deck we motored out of the marina and were stopped immediately by the coast guard for an equipment inspection.

Coast Guard inspection
Coast Guard inspection

Inspection out of the way Derek opened the sail and we were moving under wind power! Dishing out mini-lessons while correcting for wind and other vessels we were in awe of: wind + fabric + skill = moving.

Sailing on Puget Sound
Sights on the Sound

Following our day sail we met up with Chie for dinner at Cucina Americana, a recently opened side project from the famous Americana. Dinner ordered and shared family style allowed us to sample nearly half the menu. Everything (including the olives) was delicious. Ice cream the best dessert ever was scooped from the fine people at Parfait.

No stop in Seattle would be complete without a meal at the original Americana. Chie treated us to a fabulous brunch complete with mimosas and coffee cake!


Hoping to catch the Blue Angels air show we drove to Lake Washington. We arrived in time to see the last few minutes of their performance then jumped immediately off the diving platform into the lake. Chilled from the cool air we retreated to Chie’s house to relax.

Blue Angels @ SeaFair
Blue Angels @ SeaFair

Our time in Seattle was brief and full of excitement. We took a day to relax and unwind before setting off onto the next leg of our adventure. Thank you Ethan, Derek, Chie, and especially Waldo for making our time in the city especially great!


  1. Chris I am your Dad’s letter carrier. He gave me one of your cards after telling me about the adventure you and Amanda are on. I am enjoying checking out your posts and pictures! I will continue to watch! Enjoy and be safe!

    1. Hello Dawn! We are currently 3 days north of San Fran and are very behind on the blogging thing, but loving the California coast. We will keep posting for the next few months keep checking in. Thanks for delivering all those packages everyday! You and your coworkers are appreciated!

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