Back In The Saddle Again

As I sit here with 100 tabs open crunching the massive 10,000 mile GPS track and thousands of photos from the US Bike Tour we are a mere 9 days away from a 20-hour flight to the other side of the world!!

Bike are in a dizzying state of disrepair, needing much love and parts that are still in the mail. Bags are unpacked with gear strewn about in the basement storage facility. Fabric for bags will be shipped and should arrive with hours to pump out a frame bag or two.  We are completely unprepared for the incredible time we will have. That’s ok; because of the temperate weather and value of the US dollar we will be with a minimum of gear eating out and sleeping indoors.

Destination: South East Asia – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, & Vietnam.

We are fully prepared however to be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of a world away.

Thailand 2008

Angkor Wat - Cambodia

DON DET/yogi monkey

Halong Bay Vietnam

After a month of maps, guidebooks, searching and researching we have come up with a tentative plan for our 2-3 month tour. Flying into Bangkok we will temple hop north to Chiang Mai crossing the border into Laos we will follow the ever popular backpacker ridden Banana Pancake trail to Vientiane.  Much of the traffic in Laos follows the Mekong River as will we to Cambodia. Ankor Wat and friends for a bit before relaxing on the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand.  In Vietnam we will first enter the Mekong Delta before beach hopping north to the famed Ha Long Bay.

Departure: Jan 16! Monkeys, rainforests, pad thai and iced coffees await!


  1. The next great adventure. Good luck. Take lots of photos and we’ll follow you here and wish we could leave our 9-5 world and join you.

    1. Thank you! You may have to plan a vacation there soon, we got some great deals on flights and it is super low budget once you arrive, our money goes far! xoxo, Amanda and Chris

  2. So jealous of all the fun & excitement you 2 will endure a second time! Many great stories & photos to share w loved ones. Be safe & enjoy. Can’t wait to come along on this journey yet again! Love you both!

    1. Thank you for following along! We are excited to explore the other side of the world! We will catch up when we come back in the spring!
      xoxox Amanda & Chris

  3. So good to hear from you and about your exciting upcoming adventure! Happy trails to you, emmy. Ps love looking at , and remembering, your shining faces.

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