Chatuchak Market & The Grand Palace

Consulting a map, our guidebook, and our desire to see each corner of Bangkok’s local and tourist scene we hopped on borrowed single speeds and left from the Shanti Lodge destine for Chatuchak Market. The ride was the usual wrestling with cars for space while ourselves and the motorcycles weave through traffic. Accidentally turning down closed roads helped us avoid a bunch of traffic and we quickly learned if you can ride on it, nothing is ever closed! Arriving with two wheels we were directed as usual to the motorcycle parking.

Chatuchak is by far one of the largest markets we have every been at, with over 15,000 vendors selling literally everything from souvenirs to used clothing, teak wood tables to ceramic flatware, boutique wearables and dog treats can all be found in one place Chatuchak. Navigating the market in entirety is nigh impossible and random wandering seemed the best course for us. Your best bet is bring patience and comfortable shoes. Much of the market is geared for locals with vendors specializing in homeware and decorations, however the low prices and unique pieces made us longing for a shipping container to bring home. Eventually through the crowds and random aisles we found the artisan makers and a new (longer) camera strap was purchased as well as a stylish shirt for Amanda.

Tired of the overwhelming crowds and getting a bit of heat exhaustion we left the market and headed back to The Grand Palace this time properly dressed we were hoping to access Wat Phra Kaew, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Regarded as the most sacred temple in Thailand photography is prohibited inside; however the outside was equally as magnificent in its gilded, glimmering enamel and the massive stature of the pagodas, chedis, and spires.

Wat Phra Kaew in the Grand Palace
Happily Guarding

Riding back to our temporary homes at Shanti Lodge we spotted a bit of action at the park we a few days ago. Simply stopping to look we were quickly invited to a free buffet celebrating the life and generosity of deceased King Rama IX.

Bangkok is a common starting point for many travellers on the Banana Pancake Trail and with a crispy pancake cart 3 meters from our front door we figured we would try one. Chocolate-banana-chocolate!

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