So I Sewed A Framebag

Since our collision in Missoula with the riders of #DFLtheDivide, Nick Carman, & Lael Wilcox. I have been bitten by not only the desire to lighten the bikes, but also to optimize what we do carry. Enter the frame bag, designed to fill an enormous unutilized space in the bike.  Unsure if I was 100% sold on the bag and looking for a cost effective means to test it I followed the tutorial Logan of wrote up.

I sat down with a New Home Thread Injector(Sewing Machine) that was easily my age or older, with some new age super advanced materials procured from Dustin @  Template cut marked, remarked, double…then triple checked I made the first cuts.

Cautiously cutting

Several hours for the first zipper segment, then faster with newly instilled confidence. Soon velcro panels were piling up (bad method btw, see notes below), side panels were being padded with the illusive closed cell foam (easily obtained from any shipping store. UPS/FedEx), and the sound of the now well oiled sewing machine was the music du jour; along with the ever classic Galactic station on Pandora.

Man meet machine.

Taking breaks from the creating to socialize, I ran out of days.  With our flight to SE Asia leaving in less than 24 hours I moved the operation to the basement and worked steadily into the early morning, finally finishing the bag. Sewing a bag is done wrong side out, preventing me from seeing the final project until the last stitch was placed.

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