The Final Hours

Thursday, Jan 12

The calm before the storm. We take it easy exploring the PA Farm Show with Sheila, Katie, and Brett. Our time was divided among three activities standing in line for food, eating said food, then checking out the animal exhibits. We spend far more time with the animals than the few minutes eating fried vegetables and drinking the infamously famous farm show milkshake. Seriously the food court is crazy.

Friday, Jan. 13

After several hours of hunting through our boxed up possessions we had our bags packed, two panniers each would carry our clothes, toiletries, and electronics. Expecting affordable lodging and food we would be leaving our stove, tent, pads, sleeping bags.

The exchange is quite insane a meal of street food should cost about $1-2 and accommodations we estimate will be around $12 per night. This is less expensive than campground fees in the US.

Saturday, Jan. 14

After several issues with parts the bikes are finally as tuned as they will get, bike boxes are obtained and the process of boxing the bike commences. Our first time with boxing a bike for flight it takes 5x the required amount of time. After several hours, much tape, bubble wrap, and foam. Amanda’s bike is packed!

Sunday, Jan 15 – 5am (EST)

Staying up until 5am, I managed to finish my project of sewing a frame bag. With the bag finally complete, I made quick work of boxing my bike. Experience is everything! Catching a few hours sleep also helps. =)

Running around like a headless chicken I cleaned the several rooms of projects and assembled my carry-on bag while Amanda and her mom got the rental van.


Sunday, Jan 15 – 3:30pm (EST)

Tired, stressed, but packed we say our goodbyes and pull away in our cavernous rental minivan. During my running in circles I made the decision that the lens I purchased would get annoying and changed our destination from JFK to Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan..fingers crosses they have what I want and traffic is favorable.

Sunday, Jan 15 ­- 7:00pm (EST)

Fastest Best Buy shopping trip ever conducted. The photo-nut is much happier and we are on our way to JFK.

The final lens and the final hour. Nothing like last minute decisions.

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