Dead Drive…

A series on lock ups and uncooperative programs was the beginning of a week long mystery.  Amanda would patiently ask if we could upload photos of Laos and after a frustrating session of nothing productive the answer was: No.

Late night sessions digging around revealed a peculiar abnormality…100% disk utilization, continuously.  For an easy to understand analogy this would be akin to you retrieving a file from a filing cabinet and deciding to live inside, abnormal!  A few clues later and a scan of the offending drive revealed that our secondary hard drive, the one with every photo on it is the culprit. Loose wire? Failing drive?

Luckily having lived through a few failed drives we pay dutifully for CrashPlan, an automatic online backup that chugs along every minute our computer is online. Opening Crashplan revealed that a massive 37+ gigabytes was still in queue to backup the panic started to kick in. With a dead drive you are limited to professional (read: expensive) recovery services. At 5am I gave up, hoping the backup app could wade through the chaos and salvage a bit of our irreplaceable photos.

The morning came quick and our measly 1.5mbps wifi managed to archive 7gb, leaving a bewilderingly huge amount to upload over an unreliable, overloaded connection. Unable to perform miracles we set about our day riding to Kuang Si Waterfalls. The daytime sales pitch of every tuk-tuk and boat operator in Luang Prabang we decided to venture this “must see” attraction. Our scepticism was misguided as we learned after our hilly 30km ride.

Many photos attempt to capture the grandeur of the falls but fall short. With crippled tech I can tease you with a photo from our trust GoPro!! A proper post and many more photos will be hopefully soon.

Kuang Si Falls

Following our outing at the falls I was dismayed to learn that a full day still left us with tons of data to backup. Rerunning the backup program somehow magically changed out remaining from 27 gigs to DONE!  I will remain dubious of miracles but we can only hope the backups are complete and intact.

Searching for a definite answer to the mystery of the computer, I ran a very thorough scan from the drive manufacturer and after far too long, revealing no more info than a blue progress bar the answer was simple. FAILED!

Temporary residents of Luang Prabang, a large “village” in unconnected Laos, my hopes of finding an affordable quality hard drive are slim. Barring a lot of luck or another creative solution, the blog will be untouched until at least Hanoi. All said we are having fun, are both healthy, and will soon be crossing another border!

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