Sea to the Mountains

Infected with National Park fever we left Seattle forgoing the route south to Portland with an alternative route headed into the mountains. Not just any mountain, our goal was to gaze upon Mount Rainier. The highest in Washington. Climbing from sea level, we ran quickly from the chaos of Seattle’s urban sprawl.  The “new” west […]


We arrived by Ferry from Bainbridge Island into the bustling downtown Seattle. We spent several days biking around city exploring the various neighborhoods as well as eating and drinking our way through the iconic Seattle food scene. Being SeaFair weekend Derek and Ethan took us sailing around the Puget Sound as well as to Lake Washington for the festivities. Another weekend […]

Austin, TX

Our alarm was set early to take advantage of the last day of Daylight Savings Time, we packed quickly and were out of our playhouse/shed shelter at the first light. We were determined to make it to the 11am coffee cruise (group bike ride) and possibly the farmers market. After a considerable time in the […]

Updated Route

Our original plans have changed and morphed more than we can track, however our adventure has followed the true definition of that word. We have found work when we needed money, found shelter every night, and found compassion in humanity no matter where we turn. Planning a trip this long using digital tools is a […]