Hello Friend!  We most likely met you on the road and/or told you about our trip some other way.  In any case we would love to hear from you.  Please comment below and we will stay in touch!

Much love,

Chris & Amanda


  1. I met you guys today in mappsville Virginia. I’m telling all my friends how amazing you are and I’m envious of your adventures. Good luck in your travels.

    1. Thanks Christina, it was great talking to you. We enjoyed the relaxed pace of the peninsula and will cross the twin tunnels tomorrow.

  2. Thank you both for taking the time to talk with me yesterday.{Deep Bottom Park} It was a pleasure talking with you and
    you both are in my Prayers for safe travels. And May all Your DEW dry quickly!

    1. It was great speaking with you Paul. We are still in Richmond at the moment, hopefully we will get a chance to connect with Erin.

    1. Thank you two for everything you did for us. We had a delightful time, the food was amazing, and great conversations. Thank you a million times doesn’t express our gratitude. Let us know if you ever take the world trip via container ship!

      Keep in touch. Much Love,

      Chris & Amanda

  3. Chris and Amanda,
    It was a pleasure meeting the two of you yesterday. Paul and I will continue to pray for your journey across America. Our little girl has also added you to her prayers. She had so many questions about your adventure so I told her we would keep track of your trip by your blog.
    Remember you will always have a home in Botetourt County when you are ready to lay down your roots!
    God Bless!!!
    Paul, Sara, Chloe and Brody

    1. It was nice to meet your adorable family, and thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and contribution! We are currently in Tampa enjoying the nice weather, but missing the warm, friendly faces of the mountains. Keeping the blog has been a huge commitment, but we are working on trying to update it. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have! So far, our favorite part of our trip has been in the mountains and on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We enjoyed the peace, serenity, and beauty of the rolling hills. Thanks for following along! Amanda & Chris

    1. Thanks Stephanie! We are currently in the flat-lands of Florida making up huge miles with our strong mountain biking legs. ;)Amanda

  4. We love your updates and photographs! Keep up the great work of exploring your world. The Earth is even more beautiful when you leave the safety of your own backyard.

    1. Thanks for following our journey! We are grateful that we have met a bunch of warm, welcoming people and are experiencing the beauty of this country. I hope all is well on the farm & at your new shop! 🙂 Amanda

  5. Chris, I love what you’ve done with this site as well as hearing all about your travels! Please be safe and enjoy every moment. Your pics are beautiful.
    We miss you here at PCA.
    Good luck.

  6. Hey! How is your trip going for you? I’ve missed you in the library but the new librarian is really nice. We always talk and have some fun. Where have you been so far? Hoping your having an amazing time on your journey.

    1. The trip is going great, we are enjoying catching up with long lost family & meeting friendly new faces. We are currently in Tampa, Florida visiting with my sister. We loved the mountains of western North Carolina, it’s our favorite area so far! We will be heading to the pan-handle of Florida soon, then following the gulf through the southern tier of the U.S. I am glad she is nice, I met her a bunch of times and she seemed like a good fit! Miss you, I hope everything is great! Ms. Andros 🙂

      1. That sounds amazing and it seems like your having lots of fun. So many cool places that you have been at so far and it is amazing to see where you have been going. Keep it up lol your not done yet!! She is a very good fit but she still won’t be better than you lol hoping to see you when you get back!!

        1. We are currently a little south of Houston in Texas and headed to Austin tomorrow. Hang in there, spring break is right around the corner! Ms.Andros

  7. Pictures are great! Thanks for stopping into our shop, we had a great time talking to you. Having done extensive touring myself I really enjoy your journal. Have fun going uphill as well as down. There are great people out there, meet as many as you can.

    1. Thanks for following along! Keeping a journal is a huge commitment & we are working on it…..updates soon! We are currently in Tampa, enjoying the nice weather, it’s weird though because it doesn’t seem like winter. 🙂 Amanda

  8. Hi Amanda and Chris,
    Just poking around your journal, thanks for having a domain name I could not forget. It was fun to meet you both, Mary and I enjoyed having you here. Thanks for the gopro lesson, Chris, can’t wait to film some fish in Mexico. Enjoy Charleston and wishing you safe and amazing travels.

  9. So great meeting you guys today @ the southern terminus of the Florida Trail! Hope you both have a safe journey across the country and maybe we will get to catch up at the PCT kickoff.

  10. Chris &Amanda,
    Met you today on the Long Key Bridge in the Florida Keys. I was riding my bike back home thinking about what an amazing adventure you two must be having Best of everything to you. I’ll keep watching to see how your trip is progressing. Enjoy!!

    1. It was nice to meet you, thanks for following along! We are currently in Tampa visiting my sister, before making our way up to the pan-handle. Enjoy the Keys!

  11. Hey guys, We lost your email contact info, but good to see you have made it down to the keys! Also we found your octopus camera thingy. All the best,
    Daniel and Jessica

    1. Hi! Oh no…I guess that’s the plights of bike touring. We are currently in Tampa visiting with my sister and then we are headed to the pan-handle, following the gulf. Hope all is well at the farm! We miss Western North Carolina and all the good people that inhabit the mountains. Thanks again for your hospitality! Amanda and Chris

    2. Hi. Hope this message is going to Daniel in WNC. I’m Susan an in-law of Chris’ . Craig and I live in TX and hope to see Chris and Amanda in the next month or so. If you would like to get that octopus thingy back to them I’ll forward our address and you can send it to us.

        1. Daniel-
          Probably not. We are about 4 hrs from Austin, 1/2 way between Houston and Galveston.
          If it’s convenient, you can mail the octopus*****. OR We’ll ask Chris….
          Susan Hood

  12. Chris & Amanda,
    We met you today outside the CVS on the west end of Panama City Beach. Thanks for taking the time to talk.
    We’ll be following your journey west and rooting for you.
    John &Nancy

  13. Dear Amanda & Chris,
    It was WONDERFUL meeting you in Tampa, FL! We pedaled a bit at the Critical Mass, then met again on a super-cool and unusually desolate BAYSHORE BOULEVARD, which was closed to cars in anticipation of the Gasparilla Parade. I am thrilled to have met you and look forward to checking in on your adventures!

    Keep in touch and pedal safely!
    Christine Acosta – working to make Tampa a world-class city for bicycle commuters 🙂

    1. It was nice talking to you! We are currently in Houston headed out toward Austin tomorrow. Thanks for following along! Amanda 🙂

  14. Chris/Amanda-
    I’ve been in touch with Daniel WNC about getting your camera octopus to us for you. Have you replaced it, or would you like him to send it to us? BTW, your package arrived today.

    1. Thanks Daniel! We’ve had our fair share of Shiners so far, headed to Austin tomorrow! Thanks for following along & for our first Shiners! Amanda

  15. Hey Chris&Amanda!
    Great meeting you two at Guadalupe National Park. It is amazing how our cross-country routes have been shadowing each other: I was passing through NJ in October 2015. I followed the coast down to Key West. Got sick of Florida over the winter. It is great to be heading west.
    My future plans are to stay in the southwest until it gets warmer in the Rockies. Then, I will more-or-less crisscross the continental divide and turn towards Seattle by October.
    I look forward to following your amazing journey.

  16. We met you at Sonic in Page, AZ. You two are amazing!! We are so impressed with your journey and look forward to updates. We hope you got to the North Rim OK and are getting out of the heat.

    1. Hey Barry & Amy, it was great speaking with your in Page. A month later we are in a much cooler state, Montana. It is incredible how much changes with a little distance. Update are perpetually coming!

      Chris & Amanda

  17. WOW! Thank you for thinking of our MS Social Studies class back here in Clayton, NJ. We love the Grand Canyon fridge magnet you contributed. All 8th graders were given the link to this blog and have been checking it preiodically…not sure if any student posted here or not.

    What a journey! Good times going forward.

    Thanks again,
    Mr. G.

  18. Hi!!

    I am so glad that I found your site. I was one of the women that took your picture outside of Salida, CO where you camped under the bridge! (I was the one from Austin, visiting my mother in law) I hope you enjoyed your visit in Salida! Interested to see more of your travels & the new map!


    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thank you and your MIL for letting us camp there. Such a quiet peaceful spot! We did enjoy our trip to Salida (and Austin). Writing on the road is much tougher than I anticipated, but we are finally caught up to the Austin post and should be able to upload more (provided we have WiFi). Keep in touch and enjoy the summer.

      Chris & Amanda

  19. Hi Amanda & Chris — Great to meet you two at Cascade Designs in Seattle! The Europe route looks amazing. Good luck on your adventure!


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