Sea to the Mountains

Infected with National Park fever we left Seattle forgoing the route south to Portland with an alternative route headed into the mountains. Not just any mountain, our goal was to gaze upon Mount Rainier. The highest in Washington. Climbing from sea level, we ran quickly from the chaos of Seattle’s urban sprawl.  The “new” west […]

Florida Everglades

Rested and recovered at our final family stop on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we set off south following John’s directions through Marco Island towards Everglade City. We took the detour into Everglade City expecting gators and a plethora of other wildlife. We enjoyed lunch at the Gulf Coast Visitors Center with a exceptional number of […]

Route 6 or Bust

Waking up in the city to the sound of men picking up aluminum cans was just one more quirky experience on this adventure. We decided it would be best to find a coffee shop; not only to use the bathroom, but for a place to write and relax without disturbing Kyler. As fate would have […]